Do More with Less, and Let Technology Help

It’s difficult being a small business in America. However, with constant daily headlines of how the economy and the stock market keep making new highs, as a small business owner I wonder when some of those riches and gains are going to trickle down to our level. In short, it appears like it hasn’t, it doesn’t, and probably never will, all because most of these successful businesses have the support of a well-oiled and well-funded team of technology professionals. How can a small business keep up with the competition if more businesses are embracing things such as social media, cloud services, cloud storage, advanced network services, and remote customer service?  Amazon began as a small business selling books over the internet out of Jeff Bezos’ garage and now look at the behemoth that is Amazon. Evidently, there must be an affordable option for small business owners to stay afloat in the technological information age.

Gone are the days of the landline telephone and fax machine, the 5-inch thick phone book, the endless rows of filing cabinets, and having to employ various office aides to relay messages across other employees and businesses. I recently came across an internet service for business that appears to cater to some of the needs a small business may need. And really, what small business wouldn’t want to do more with less? With the rising costs of goods and overhead, any edge that one can get is beneficial to the bottom line. What every small business needs to stay competitive in this age are services that facilitate the flow of productivity.

To begin with, having mobile phones for essential employees to stay in constant communication should be a no-brainer. Landlines are history. In addition to that, mobile devices should have sufficient data and calling capabilities that can connect to the cloud so that everyone can have ready access to business information. The entire workspace should also be properly networked to reduce redundancies within the office as well as having dedicated IT personnel to maintain and overlook the entire technology infrastructure. With such a service that covers these fields, a small business can stay up to date and take part in the success that the major companies in America are enjoying.